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Here are a range of common questions we get asked:


Are there other ways to get involved?

Yes! We would love to have you ride pillion with Full Tank. Head over to the Saddle Up page to find out how.

Do you really donate 100% of your profit?

Yes. After we cover the cost of producing and delivering our great products to you, all profit is donated to The Movember Foundation. We constantly work to keep our operating costs down, without sacrificing quality, and remuneration of staff is in line with Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) guidelines. Currently, neither the founder nor any board members receive any remuneration for their involvement. For more information, visit the Leadership & Governance page.

How much have Full Tank donated, and where do the funds go?

Full Tank is in its first year of operation. Through the support of riders, sales will enable us to start making a difference. All profits after costs will be transferred to The Movember Foundation.

What impact are you hoping to achieve?

We believe Full Tank can help Movember in its goal to improve men’s health worldwide.

The organisation is self-funded by individuals keen to see the riding community given a choice, and in doing so, support men’s health and a positive image of motorcycling. See Our Impact page for more details.


What governance do you have in place?

Full Tank is a registered Australian Charity with full constitutional documentation and an appointed Board of Directors. The Board reside over all matters regarding the organisation’s mission, purpose and ultimate benefit to the social cause. Full Tank is independently audited and openly offers their reported accounts to their beneficiary in The Movember Foundation. For more information visit the Leadership & Governance page.

Why did you select The Movember Foundation?

Our purpose is to raise profit by providing riders with great apparel. We believe the decision on what to do with those profits should then rest with those who are experienced in men’s health initiatives. Full Tank provides another way for motorcycle enthusiasts to recognise and support the importance of men’s health. The Movember Foundation are the global leaders in this field, funding ground breaking research worldwide into prostate cancer, testicular cancer and suicide prevention for over 15 years.

Can I donate to Full Tank?

Thanks for your desire to donate, but unfortunately, we don’t accept donations. Our purpose is to provide customers with a great product in return for their purchase.

If you are not in need of awesome apparel, then head to Movember to donate directly here


How can those of us in the media help?

Media can help play a pivotal role in generating awareness of Full Tank and its purpose. We would love to hear from those in media who would like to support the cause.

Please contact us on media@fulltankmoto.org

Does Full Tank intend to manufacture riding gear in the future?

Yes. We wanted to start with an apparel line which allowed us to best express our illustration style and offer something for any rider, and that was tees. As we gain acceptance from the riding community, our vision is to create a range of riding gear either directly or in collaboration with current manufacturers who are keen to support riders and men’s health.

What does recycling mean to Full Tank?

Understanding the world of recycling was quite the process. Our goal was packaging which not only protected the product and the environment but also allowed us to promote the message of men’s health. We conducted extensive research and then liaised with Reclaim New Zealand. Working with our suppliers, we were able to achieve these objectives at an acceptable price point which also provided a positive brand experience for our customers.

As a Retailer/ Stockist, is it possible for us to sell your products?

Thank you for your interest in Full Tank. Having select retailers supporting us across the world is paramount to achieving our goal of helping The Movember Foundation better men’s health. To discuss your needs contact contact@fulltankmoto.org

Where is the organisation located?

The brand continues to be managed from New Zealand, with warehouse and distribution taking place from our Australia offices.

Where are Full Tank products made?

Our aim is to deliver you a best-in-class product, which we source globally.

Full Tank has a strict code of ethics that ensures our supply chain is doing good for its employees and the environment. We do our utmost to work with ISO Standard manufacturers as this avoids sweatshop practices and certifies our craftsman are environmentally conscious. When dealing with smaller artisan suppliers, we only choose those who demonstrate ethical thinking in their production techniques.