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It was just one of those horrible weeks when on Monday morning a good friend broke the news of his child’s suicide. A teenager with seemingly everything ahead was, without anyone’s knowledge, suffering from depression. The afternoon delivered equally sad news when learning of an old school friend who had also taken his life. But it wasn’t until later the same week when another friend said his motorcycle was to be sold to pay the bills, when I appreciated I wasn’t the only guy feeling helpless at times. The wheels in my head started to turn.

It was a move to New Zealand not long after that reignited the spark when I found myself talking of these plights and indeed my own struggles with dark times with the country’s world motorcycle champion Hugh Anderson. We shared a common feeling that for men in today’s world, every day is a winding road and that more could always be done.

Full Tank was born.

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Movember Foundation

our purpose

Full Tank is a registered charity with a mission to raise funds for men’s health.

Providing riders with an alternative from the ‘for-profit’ apparel market, Full Tank provides an opportunity to own a great product and in doing so, make a real impact at the same time. After Full Tank’s operating costs are taken care of, we give 100% of profit to The Movember Foundation who are the only charity supporting men’s health on a global scale.


Full Tank is here to recognise you as the hero of our brand. It’s not about our journey or us trying to look cool so you buy stuff. It’s a brand that represents you, the rider, and your passion for doing good with those two wheels.

So no matter what you ride, how many roads you’ve travelled or where you’re headed, with a Full Tank you can always roll with purpose.