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As an organisation with social responsibilities, we take our charter of maximising profit for a charity very seriously.

Full Tank is a registered Australian Charity with full constitutional documentation and an appointed Board of Directors. The Board reside over all matters regarding the organisation’s mission, purpose and ultimate benefit to the social cause. We are independently audited and openly offer our financial accounts to our beneficiary in The Movember Foundation.

Here are our values which keep our machine well-tuned.


Full Tank


The only apparel manufacturer in motorcycling with a dedicated mission to donate all profits to men’s health.

Full Tank


A platform to unite riders regardless of how many roads travelled or what kind of motorcycle they ride.

Full Tank


Voice the altruistic nature of those who ride.

experienced riders

The Full Tank Board resides over the ongoing direction of Full Tank. Advisors were selected not just for their passion for motorcycling but also their global business experience, with a particular focus on their area of expertise.

In addition, Full Tank relies on the support of an amazing array of organisations and individuals who share our drive to improve the wellbeing of men across the globe. We are honoured to have their support.




Full Tank was born in a bad news week for Scott. A friends suicide and another’s child suicide were topped off with a buddy selling his motorcycle, just to keep the family fed.

It was when riding to a former World GP champion’s home he got to thinking … it’s not just me who has down times… how can I do more for us blokes?

Full Tank was born.

Loves: Triumph, BMW, Indian, Royal Enfield



Board Member

Apparel is in his blood, and we actually believe James was born with a t-shirt already on.

With a lifetime of success in the apparel industry, James recognized the social responsibility Full Tank could deliver and saddled up for the ride without hesitation.

On weekends he now enjoys passing down the passion, watching his children learn the art of dirt biking.

Loves: Kawasaki, KTM



Board Member

Harvey is passionate about two things, (HD) motorcycles, and marketing.

With more than 30 years’ experience leading marketing for some of the world’s largest IT multi-nationals, Harvey helps Full Tank stay up to date with current trends and ideas.

And to be honest, we just like riding with him.

Loves: Harley Davidson, Ducati

Social investors

Social Investors


It seems we were not the only philanthropists wanting to change the world for good.

Full Tank is honored to have its social investors who share our vision and passion to do good.

It’s sort of sweet that they love motorcycles as well.

Loves: BMW, Honda




Sandy brings a lifetime of industry Risk & Compliance governance to Full Tank, to help ensure the wheels stay firmly on the road.

A passionate photographer, Sandy is always seeking out Full Tank street art and loves capturing moments that celebrate the motorcycle and its riders as art in motion.

Loves: Royal Enfield, Yamaha, Suzuki

Mr T

Mr T


Mr T has been helping sculpt the Full Tank illustration style since 2016.

Mr T uses his more than 16 years’ illustration experience to ensure there is something for every motorcyclist.

He is passionate to see his designs support men’s health and help motorcyclists be recognised as the philanthropic subculture they are.

Loves: Vespa